LEED/GREEN Building Construction Waste Management

TRI Recycling provides a construction waste management option for general contractors, developers, architects, and consultants who are seeking LEED/Green Building certification. We will assist in drafting landfill diversion goals and will design a Waste Management Plan that is pursuant to your objective. It is our responsibility to provide all construction waste management documentation required for LEED/Green Building certification. We will also meet with a project superintendent to determine a specific area on the construction site for segregated or commingled collection of recyclable materials.

Segregated Recycling:

If a development ahs ample space for multiple roll-off boxes, we can segregate the material on-site. This would involve the roll-off boxes being labeled by material being recycled. When the respective roll-off boxes are full and in need of hauling, they would be taken directly to the recycling facilities. This method could provide an overall cost savings for the project.

Commingled Recycling:

Commingled recycling is an option for projects with limited space. When this is an issue. The contractor would be asked to commingle all leftover material into one roll-off box. The commingled roll-off would then be transported to our facility where the material would be sorted and weighted before being transported to the respective recycling facilities.